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Beale Street Features

Beale Street Style

Beale Street features 4 beautiful built-in color styles. Click one of the pictures to select the corresponding color style.


The Beale Street Theme for Drupal

Want a great looking dark theme for your Drupal site? Beale Street is the newest Drupal theme to be released by RoopleTheme. It's a beautiful, feature packed theme that makes it easy to create a great looking Drupal site.

Beale Street contains all of the great features you expect from RoopleTheme, plus some new features too! There are 18 fully collapsible regions to display you site content. By publishing your content to different regions on different pages, you can create an endless combination of great looking page layouts.

New Banner Region for Masthead Images

With Beale Street, we're introducing a new region called 'banner' that is designed to display images below the masthead of the page. We're using it on the demo site to display the panoramic guitar neck photo (courtesy of stock.xchnge vi.) If you choose not to publish anything to this region, it simply collapses out of sight.

The banner region works best with fixed-width sites. Set the 'Used fixed-width' option on the theme configuration page, and set the 'fixed-width size' field to the width of the image.

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Get Beale Street Now

Beale Street is a feature packed Drupal theme by RoopleTheme. Beale Street is released under the terms of the GPL. It's free to download and use on your Drupal site!

Adjustable Sidebars

Does the content that you want to put in the left or right sidebars break the layout because it's too wide? No problem! Beale Street lets you specify the width of the sidebars on the theme configuration screen. You can even specify different widths for each sidebar.