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Using Suckerfish Menus

Beale Street has integrated Suckerfish dropdown menus that are compatible with most modern browsers. The suckerfish menus are located below the banner, just like the primary and secondary links. You will probably not want to use the Suckerfish menus and the primary links at the same time, because it will look a bit odd. To use the Beale Street suckerfish menus on your site, follow these simple steps:

  • Enable the Suckerfish menus by selecting the 'Use Suckerfish Menus' checkbox on the theme configuration page.
  • If you don't have one already, create your menu structure.
  • Enable the 'Expand' checkbox for all of the parent menu items.
  • Publish the menu block to the Suckerfish_Menu region
  • Disable your primary and secondary links if necessary.