2.2. Using The Primary Links Menu

LiteJazz displays a primary navigation menu below the mastehead. This menu can either be a two-level static menu or a suckerfish drop-down menu. This section describes how to configure the two-level static menus. Suckerfish drop-down menus are described in the next section.

Primary Links MenuLiteJazz displays the Primary Links menu at the top right of the content portion of the page, just below the masthead.

You can designate any Drupal menu(s) as your primary and secondary links menus. A standard Drupal installation will come with a menu named Primary links, but you can select another menu to act as your sites Primary Links.

Primary Links Settings
You can crate a new menu by clicking on the Add menu tab of the admin/build/menu page, or you can add and delete items from an existing menu to get the structure you want.

Once you've got your menu and menu items created, you need to tell Drupal that this will be the Primary Links menu. By pointing your browser to /yoursite/admin/build/menu/settings, you will have an opportunity to designate your Primary Links menu. Select your menu from the Menu containing primary links dropdown, and then click the Save configuration button.

Your new menu should appear immediately. You don't need to publish your new Prinary Links menu to a region. As long as you've designated a menu to provide the Prinary Links for your site, LiteJazz will display it.

The LiteJazz Primary and Secondary Links menus are designed to present a single horizontal row of top-level menu items. If you publish a menu that has too many top-level items to fit in one row, you're not likely to get the behavior you expect.