2.3.1. Adding Admin Options to the Suckerfish Menu

A standard Drupal installation comes with a default menu named Navigation. Within the Navigation menu is a nested sub-menu of Drupal configuration options named Administer. Only site administrators will see the Administer menu.

The Navigation menu is usually displayed in a sidebar. By moving the Administer menu to the suckerfish menu region, you can gain easy multi-level drop-down menu access to common administration tasks.

Suckerfish Admin Menu
There are two ways to do this. If you want to move the entire Navigation menu structure to the suckerfish menu area, you can point your browser to /yoursite/admin/build/block and change the region of the Navigation menu to suckerfish-menu.

What if you already have a different menu in the suckerfish region, and you simply want to add the Administer sub-menu to your existing suckerfish menu? You can move the existing Administer sub-menu. Point your browser to /yoursite/admin/build/menu, find the Administer submenu in the list of menu items, click the Edit link next to it, and change the Parent-item parameter to be your existing suckerfish menu.

Remember that you will need to enable the Expanded option on all parent menu items in the Administer menu. Otherwise, the child menu items will not be available in the suckerfish menus.