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The NewsFlash Theme for Drupal

WC3 ValidNewsFlash is a theme for Drupal versions 5 and 6 by RoopleTheme. NewsFlash is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is free to download and use on your Drupal site.

NewsFlash provides Drupal users with many advanced features including:

Complete instructions for installing and using NewsFlash can be found in the NewsFlash Handbook. A printer-friendly version is also available.

The tableless CSS design of NewsFlash validates to XHTML and CSS specifications according to the W3C web standards. NewsFlash is fast-loading and compatible with most modern browsers including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Most of the NewsFlash features will work even in older browsers like IE6.

We've validated many NewsFlash pages with the Accessibility Valet. With the exception of the skip navigation links requirement, we believe that NewsFlash generates markup that is generally in compliance with Section 508 web accessibility guidelines.

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